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How to specify a hose

How to specify a hose

Whatever the application you are designing a hose for, it is essential to get the specification right to ensure optimal performance.

To make specifying a hose easier, utilise the STAMPED process.

STAMPED, which is an acronym of Size, Temperature, Alloy, Motion, Pressure, Ends and Distance, helps you consider the key requirements of your hose, ensuring the hose you specify, is fit for purpose.

STAMPED: Specifying a hose


Check for:
- Inside diameter
- Outside diameter


Check for:
- Temperature of the material being conveyed (i.e. high, low, ambient)
- Temperature of the external environment
- Whether the temperature is intermittent or constant


Check for:
- Service temperature range
- Strength
- Corrosion resistance
- Chemical compatibility


Check for:
- Static (one time routing) or dynamic motion (flexing and cycling)
- Vibration
- Minimum bend radius


Check for:
- Maximum working pressure
- Safety factor and burst pressure
- Flow rate
- Impulse or pressure surges


Check for:
- Male or female
- Fitting type and material
- Swivel or non-swivel
- Orientations and alignment


Check for:
- Hose length (overall, live length, seat to seat)
- Tolerances


Need help specifying the right hose for your application? Our online resources can get you there.

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