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The complete product range

Our impressive range of corrugated, braided, stripwound and composite hose includes a wide range of versatile products, including hoses that can be used with chemicals, gases and foodstuffs.

Designed and manufactured for the toughest of environments, our range also includes products that perform at very high or very low temperatures, under extreme pressure and offer features such as anti-aging, anti-kink and non-stick.

Along with the key benefits of our product range, we also offer a range of exotic materials including Monel®, Inconel®625 and Hastelloy®C276.

Supported by exceptional levels of customer care at every stage of the process, our customers benefit from the expertise, technical know-how and commitment to the highest standards that our experienced team offers.

When a specialist solution is required, we work in partnership with our customers to develop bespoke products that meets our customers’ exact needs. Find out more about the bespoke solutions that we offer.

Hose assemblies

Designed, manufactured and tested to meet the rigorous demands of a wide range of applications and environments, click here to find the right hose assembly to complement your chosen metallic corrugated/braided hose.


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Whatever the application you are designing a hose for, it is essential to get the specification right to ensure optimal performance. To make specifying a hose easier, utilise the STAMPED process.

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Bespoke Solutions

Through our extensive experience and in-house expertise, we are ideally placed to create solutions for even the most demanding of applications. Working as an engineering partner to many of our blue-chip clients, our solutions enable systems to operate optimally. Providing calculations, advanced CAD components and assembly drawings, to find out more about our bespoke solutions, and to discuss your requirements.

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