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COVID-19 Update

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Amnitec Ltd has remained in operation.

Our UK factory makes essential products for a range of critical businesses supporting the refrigerated transportation of foodstuffs and medicines, the production and processing of medical gases, and the generation of electricity, to name just a few. We consider it our responsibility to support these essential industries whilst doing everything we possibly can to ensure our operation is as safe as possible for every member of our team and our families.

We have implemented a range of measures to ensure that we can continue with our essential work in the safest way possible;

  • Working from home where practical
  • Mandatory social distancing in all areas
  • Mandatory regular hand washing for all staff
  • Mandatory regular cleaning of work-stations
  • Shift working to minimise the number of persons on site and maximise social distancing
  • Encouraging safe, socially distanced commuting
  • Minimising visitors to site
  • Minimising face-to-face meetings, using tele-conferencing facilities whenever possible
  • Daily management review of the situation and any actions required

We are closely following government guidance and instruction through this period. None of us knows how long this situation will continue. But for now, this is our new normal and we will continue to keep the safety of our teams front and centre in all we do.