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We create solutions that exceed expectations

We understand that every business, in every sector, is faced with its own set of challenges. We make it our responsibility to work with our customers to understand their products and challenges; to create solutions that exceed their expectations.

It is through our ability to work in partnership with our customers, to provide high-quality, high-performance solutions, that has enabled us to build an enviable reputation as a supplier of choice.

We work within a diverse range of sectors and use our in-house expertise and manufacturing know-how, to create innovative solutions that not only solve problems, but also enhance products.

The industries we supply include:


The product applications within the marine sector can be varied and often challenging. Our products are able to rise to this challenge. Our range includes hose able to withstand extreme temperatures, offer high anti-collapse strength and that is suitable for use with corrosive fluids.


Whether used in a domestic or an industrial setting, our hoses are a reliable, cost-effective choice, that offer exceptional performance at low temperatures and a long lifespan.


Designed to convey cryogenic fluids, including liquid helium, liquid nitrogen and liquid hydrogen, our experience of working within the cryogenic industry, along with our high-performance hoses, ensures we are the supplier of choice.


Our products are rigorously tested to ensure that they have the chemical resistant properties required for this demanding sector. Durable, flexible and high-performance, our hoses and assemblies are a safe and trusted choice.

Power Generation

Often performing in extreme environments, the products we supply with the power generation sector are relied upon to deliver not only in terms of gas and liquid transfer, but also to be robust, durable and flexible.


The defence sector has a wide range of requirements and through our extensive product range, along with our technical capabilities to deliver bespoke solutions, we are able to provide solutions for a wide range of defence projects.


Demanding applications call for products that are durable and long-lasting. With products boasting fatigue lifespans of up to 50,000 cycles, our range of metallic hose is more than capable of handling the demands of industrial applications.


Need help specifying the right hose for your application? Our online resources can get you there.

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Bespoke Solutions

Through our extensive experience and in-house expertise, we are ideally placed to create solutions for even the most demanding of applications. Working as an engineering partner to many of our blue-chip clients, our solutions enable systems to operate optimally. Providing calculations, advanced CAD components and assembly drawings, to find out more about our bespoke solutions, and to discuss your requirements.

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