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Defeat Damaging Vibration

In any refrigeration or air-conditioning system, compressor vibration is the designer’s constant enemy.

Without a flexible element, all of the vibration from the compressor is transmitted directly to the pipework and other rigid elements in the system. The resulting noise would be a nuisance of course, but of far greater concern is the damage such vibration will inevitably cause. Premature failure is certain, releasing the refrigerant gas and rendering the system inoperable. In an air-conditioning system, this might be annoying for the users. But in a refrigeration system, this could lead to an extremely expensive loss of perishable foodstuffs or medicines.

But there is a simple solution – a vibration eliminator or vibrasorber from Amnitec does exactly what it says on the tin. It absorbs vibration from the compressor reducing transmitted noise and greatly extending the service life of the system. Made from high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel, the corrugated inner tube bends and flexes to absorb vibration whilst carrying the vital refrigerant gas safely and securely around the system. The outer braid enables the vibrasorber to comfortably handle the pressure in the system. Amnitec manufactures a range of vibration eliminators with standard size copper tube ends ensuring easy backward compatibility with a whole host of installed systems. In addition, Amnitec can design and manufacture “specials” to accommodate the particular needs of a bespoke or complex system.

With today’s growing environmental demands, switching to refrigerant gases with lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) brings benefits for the planet. Many companies are now developing CO2 based systems. As a natural refrigerant, CO2’s non-toxic and non-flammable nature brings obvious advantages in system safety as well as reduced GWP compared with traditional HFC gases. One of the trade-offs is the higher system pressure required by CO2. But Amnitec’s range of high-pressure hose products mean that CO2-compliant vibration eliminators are now readily available to system designers – a win for planet earth!

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