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Exhaust Gas

Amnitec has for the use of flue or exhaust systems in ships and engine rooms with a higher demand of temperature, small vibrations and lower pressure two types available from stock.

  • US1F, flanged (Van Stone collar)
  • US1S, welding ends
  • US1S-185, welding ends and a NL of 185mm
  • US1S-272, welding ends and a NL of 272mm


US1F, flanged (Van Stone collar) Download
US1S, welding ends Download
US1S-185, welding ends and a NL of 185mm Download
US1S-272, welding ends and a NL of 272mm Download

Bespoke Solutions

Through our extensive experience and in-house expertise, we are ideally placed to create solutions for even the most demanding of applications. Working as an engineering partner to many of our blue-chip clients, our solutions enable systems to operate optimally. Providing calculations, advanced CAD components and assembly drawings, to find out more about our bespoke solutions click below.
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Hose Assemblies

Designed, manufactured and tested to meet the rigorous demands of a wide range of applications and environments, to find the right hose assembly to complement your chosen metallic corrugated/braided hose
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Product Configurator

Which metallic hose should I select to handle the pressure in my application? Our configurator will help you find it.
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Chemical Calculator

Which type of metallic hose alloy will work best with the chemical I need to transfer? Our Chemical Calculator will guide you.
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